Discovery and Introduction Phase

When it comes to building your dream home, we want to keep communication open and clear. So we begin our process with a simple discovery, discussing any ideas and plans you have for your dream home. We can manage your architectural design from inception to execution, or allow you to work alongside one of our trusted architects. Once we have a general idea, the next step is to investigate your home site and look into any community or city regulations to ensure our project will meet all requirements.


Custom Design Phase

We start the design phase with a boundary survey, then we discuss custom specifications and building materials. Once we have selected materials, we are able to initiate a pre-engineering cost estimate. A final estimate is compiled once final plan revisions have been completed and sent off to engineering. At this point in the process, a final contract agreement is signed and completed, whether it’s a cost-plus contract or a fixed price. Finally, we provide a detailed set of engineer specifications and features based on your selected options.


Pre-Construction Phase

A pre-construction and scheduling meeting will initiate the final phase prior to construction commencement. The plan of action we create will set the pace and lay the course for the construction process.

Here at Gulledge Homes, we welcome your feedback and input throughout the design and construction process. Your participation gives us the opportunity to perfect every detail of your dream home. Now that you’re ready to take the first steps into building your forever home, pick up the phone and give us a call today, or submit an inquiry through our website and one of our friendly customer service representatives will assist you with any questions or scheduling needs you have. Thank you for choosing Gulledge Homes, and we look forward to building for you.

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